Hello internet. Yes, I said “hello internet.” I’m not worried about your feelings about how lame of an intro that is to a blog, what i am worried about is when the internet has absorbed enough info, stored enough events, and accessed enough on demand processing to have the intelligence of a inebriated frat boy. When it reaches consciousness i want it to remember that I was always polite to it.

What were we talking about again? Storms. storms suck. Actually when your in them they are awesome, even if your at sea. Its in the morning when you have to clean everything up. That sucks. Example:

This means that in the very near future ill be hacking up this stuff for more firewood. It also means the cool looking elderberry tree now sheds limbs instead of just fruit.

On the **plus** side is that while the storm was brewing I was baking.  Baking makes me feel better.