The wife and small appliance fires

Sometimes people are stupid, and sometimes they are freaking awesome.  Today my wife was the latter. She gently reminded me about my husbandly obligation to look at our household vacuum.  It had been acting up lately, and in face the last time it had been operating had produced a smell that was akin to burning rubber and smoldering dog.

I figured that the belt had caught on something and started to roast itself on the drive wheel.  I was right.  I took the appliance apart and found a hairball that would have made a tiger proud.  It was probably caused by hair….. and some suction gone astray in the manifold that connects to the brush chamber, whatever the Dirt Devil was 6 years old and the best damn vacuum we have ever owned together, or in our respected families. We dont talk about it a lot because:

  1. its a vacuum
  2. Dirt Devil doesnt make a lot of money on this mighty mouse.  It cost us 50$.  We researched it online

the greatest vacuum ever.

I had to show Stephanie the triumphant find, and she was surprised that the hair ball had been so tightly packed in the offending area that it literally caught fire then smothered itself.  We were really lucky cause it could have just as easily gone the other way.  While i was reassembling the beast Stephanie made a comment that really made my day:

“You know its awesome that you can take these appliances apart, fix them and put them back together.  When I was younger we used to just replace them in my family.”

Now I never thought about it but this mentality of just take it apart and fix it comes from my father.  I distinctly remember taking apart a lot of things in my family with my dad.  He always used to complain how horribly cheap everything from China was manufactured.  Amazingly, that skill was passed on to me and I’m really glad that not only am I a geek, but I am a third generation geek.