Ark: Survival Evolved

Sometimes a video-game comes along that is so good it makes you re-evaluate your priorities. 

Sometimes its soo good that you wish there were more hours in the day. 

Sometimes its also available on linux and your heart swoons.


Welcome to Ark: Survival Evolved.


I wont go into too much details of whats going on right now cause i want to start documenting things happening more for my practice of blogging and providing 'documentation.'  The facts are: 

  1. You wake up on some island, there is something embedded in your arm. 
  2. There are freaking dinosaurs walking around.
  3. When your not playing the game the world persists.... meaning if you don't log back in after a few days your dinos will starve**
  4. You can tame dinos and make them into beasts of burden.  You have to determine what dinos are good for what.  (hint: T-Rex's do not swim well)

** Single player games do not persist, and i have found ways to make servers non-persistent but that is for another blog.

This is the world of ark and I find it as compelling of a video game as i have ever played.  Its definitely a Sandbox the likes of which has not been seen.  

I also highly recommend this game on the modding community alone.  The devs have made sure that the world and game interactions are pretty damn "open."  For example there are mods for converting the whole game into a pirate simulator.... (pirates and dinosaurs.... why haven't you bought it yet???)