Ark: JoeCenter Server

Yesterday instead of doing homework I decided to fire up my Ark game and screw around.  After a while I was happy with my progress and decided to step away and complete homework while I tamed a Triceratops in game.  This method of multitasking allows for me to focus on my homework for about 20 minutes till i have to re-dose the taming dino.  I found this amazingly helpful website.  I just plug in the info and set the alarm to go off two minutes in advance and viola!!! Tame and homework simultaneously.  Or at least that's what I tell myself. 

So one of my trips back into Ark upon an alarm brought a surprise.... There is another person here.  And he is named "Tiny."  Tiny is the in ark personna of Sl1pg8r a gaming personality.  

After I clarified that this gent was not the Tiny we got to know a little more about eachother.  It turns out my idea of a non-persistent, and not packed server appeals to multiple people.  

I know Smyhk and I don't have time to have this persistent world clicking away, especially if we have to log in every few hours and pile on more food for our dinos.   I learned in my last server attempt on "The Island" that im a dino horder.  See the Marina I build to hold all my sharks on the last server instance?


There was about 10 minutes of work every day just to keep all three of my bases stocked and functional.  Additionally, when we started with babies and breeding it became apparent that my time spent babysitting baby dinos was going to be immense.   The threat of a food trough running out of food was a true concern in early days.  (someone figured out that on normal settings a stack of food would only last for 6 hours but then the devs fixed the hunger mechanic.  Activity burns calories so a dino running around burning stamina uses food to refresh.  Its pretty good if your dinos are just going to be standing there.  There is also the threat of attack... If another dino attacks one of your's while your logged it will use food to regen its health.  Still making sense.  

All of this breaks down in the baby dinos..... 

Little Monster

These suckers plow through food.  Again you can load a butt-ton into a feeding trough and pray (6 hour per stack and all that) that it doesn't eat everything and die.... which happens a lot.  Internet knowledge points out that there is a "bug" with their food stat.  Since they cannot eat to full capacity till they are adults.  (only 600 of 6000 food might be available)  the baby dinos are hungry all the time.  This means that a baby need to be "starved"  if you just have the food in the trough they will eat right through what is there. If you come back periodically though and top off their food stat they will eat significantly less.  Of course that means you have to actually log in and feed them periodically.... So food vs. time.  Babies almost break your day. 

Back to the friend.... we discussed this at large.  We also discussed some ideas for mods.... milking scorpion venom for narcotics instead of berry harvesting... etc.  He too was looking for a nearly stock experience as he found the survival element the most appealing.  No cranked training timers, no high harvest rates, but the game is brutally difficult and requires a serious investment of time.  Additionally, any casual players will find themselves at the mercy of folks that are full-time players.  It makes sense that if your putting 8 hours into a video game... like a job you should be rewarded more than someone that only plays 4 hours a week.  This is where the server set up I utilize becomes a deterrent.

  1. The server is only on 12 to noon.  Automatically, this limits the play time people have and pushes hard-core players away.  
  2. The server is essentially stock, meaning progression is slow.  Anyone interested in grinding out levels quickly and terrorizing others has to be committed. 
  3. The player limit is at 10.  This ensures that you cant have a huge population shift.  Worse case scenario is that 10 people are logged in and you have to play something else.  Goodbye to anyone but casual players.
  4. The difficulty is turned all the way up.  This means that your little puny human can and will come up against lvl 150 T Rex's.  Without the quick progression to endgame this makes the server a punishment to all but the most cautious and thoughtful players.  (building floating bases will be safer then the beach for instance) To facilitate this idea the only setting that is cranked up is the number of structures per platform is at 6000%.  

So welcome to my ark!!!