2017 Migration Route

As I announce things on Facebook about our plan to move to Washington one of the most common questions is where we are going? So to help with that here is a list of places were going on the way up to Bellingham Washington from Palmdale CA:

Day 0: Palmdale
Day 1: 3 hrs : Pismo Beach (Drive Way Surfing) 
Day 2: No travel
Day 3: 2.5 hrs: Prunedale CA, (KOA) Full Hookups
Day 4: No travel
Day 5: 2 hrs: Pacifica (Full Hookups) 
Day 6: 1.5 hrs Sonoma County Fairgrounds (Full Hookups)
Day 7: 3.5 hrs: Los Molinos (Dryftwood RV and Camping Park) Full Hookups 
Day 8: 3.5 hrs: Medford OR
Day 9:  hrs: Eugene OR, Visit the Greens!!! Driveway Surfing!!!!
Day 10:  Dunno
Day 11: 3.5 hrs: Seaside Resort, Seaside OR, (1000 Trails) Full Resort
Day 12: No Travel
Day 13: ?????  Maybe directly to Bellingham for Linux Fest North West 

This route has a mixture of off-grid boondocking sometimes in a casino parking lot, sometimes in National Forests.  I used Campendium.com and 1000Trails to make the trip plans.  Ill have more posts about the RV and its modifications that will help people understand how we can go "off-grid."