Ark:JoeCluster FAQs


This is to help outline what is going on with the JoeordieCluster Ark: Survival Evolved server.  


This server is set up to attract casual players and to limit grief by full-time players.  Since the server is cycled on and off often a few rates have been adjust to to compensate for the server being turned off.  


  1. Don't be a douche-bag
  2. Server is non-persistent and runs currently from Noon PST to Midnight PST  (not enough normal players so this is not true)
  3. Server is updated nightly.  
  4. Server is stock except for:
    1. Difficulty set at map max (Scorched Earth and The Island = 120, The Center = 150)
    2. structures per platform set at +6000%
    3. Taming Rates at 200% (Mating Delay timers are also lowered)
    4. Maturation Rates at 1000% (Wyvrens take about 10 hours instead of 100) the imprinting mechanic has been adjust to match the speed so its possible to get to 97% imprint on dinos. 
    5. Cluster timer at 10 days. 
  5. roll-backs occur occasionally because of system configuration and cluster alterations.
  6. Cluster transfers works, Set up Arkaley Island Map as a trophy island for dino storage. 
  7. Battle-eye not configured (saving on RAM)

There is also a Telegram notification service, so that when the server does anything (on or off or update) you get a telegram to that effect.  

There is also a mumble server on-board if you play for a while you can ask for access.  Usually I'm looking for people to hit level 30 before i consider letting them access it.  Chat with Joeordie to find out more.