I am a video gamer. I have been for most of my life. Recently programming and making have been eating into my video game time, but the latest craze of sandboxed builder/survival games has changed that. Minecraft, Ark, and now Subnautica.

Why should you play Subnautica? ‘Cause your a miner/scientist of some type that just crashed into a near completely aquatic world and the only thing that stands between you and a shallow grave is your wits and your fabricator. With a little work, you can go from survival to thirval!!!!

Your situation revolves around 4 stats:
1. O2: (oxygen/air) its augemented by the tech you build and how much you move around. Swim hard run out of air sooner.
2. Health: the object is to keep this from reaching zero
3. Food: you want to survive you better start liking fish.
4. Water: Do not dehydrate, its the devil!

Basically you feed yourself and search for fragments of materials, and blueprints for plans that will hurl you up the tech tree till you have your own submarines. Yes that is submarines.

One thing that really stands out about Subnautica is that it is persistant down to the item. What i’m blabbering about is resources dont respawn. You get whats there and that’s it. If you throw something on the ocean floor it stays there till you come back for it. This is a huge deal!!! The final note ill point out about the items system is that there is no penalty for breaking down items in game. Now not everyting can be broken down but every section of habitat and piece of furniture in your base sure can be, so if you want you can pack the whole thing up into a set of boxes on your Cyclops submarine and haul it to a new location…. Yeah that just happened.

See you in the water!