Links Page

My website has been a lot of things to many different people.  One thing that everyone agreed on was that I had an incredibly useful links page.  That was about 5 versions ago.  Lets try this once again with feeling. It will grow. Oh it will GROW!!!!


Personal – Its my wife’s website.  She is quite a little hacker herself she moved off of my server and built her own website on blogger, which is easy NOW… but when she did it.  Well you get the idea. Anyway she is an author and you should go buy books and make her famous so she can be my sugar momma and then I can hack/code full time. GOOOOO! DO IT!

Electronic Shopping – This is the best place to buy cheap electronics, most of which come from china. you can usually find the same stuff on amazon for a few dollars more, but this is as close to the damn sources as you get.

sparkfun – Is another great place to find maker tools. Less daughnting than some of the others.

adafruit – This is the place to start.


One of the problems I have is that i have multiple Operating Systems in my life (boo Windows) but until I can be like my wife and go 100% Linux i have to identify and utilize cross-platform applications.

Productivity Applications

ThinkingRock – This is a java based Getting Things Done (GTD) application. For those that dont know GTD is a productivity methodology, I’m still in the trying to learn it stage but even when i try to use it and fail it makes me feel like im less stressed and more productive.

Wekan – One of my favorite app finds, its a self hosted trello-like kanban. I use this for visual task/project management. It is awesome and helps a lot with the overall tracking of things that need to be done in a structured workflow. It can be adapted for SCRUM management.

paperwork – This web application looks to be the one to solve my simple note problem. I like the idea of a self-hosted Evernote/Google Keep alternative, but it looks like there hasnt been a major update in a year. Also the Docker image is all F^cked up.

ProjectLibre – This is a cross platform desktop app that takes the place of Microsoft Project. Microsoft Project is the defacto waterfall/Gantt project manager. Its as traditional as you can get, and ProjectLibre is a perfect replacement.