Welcome to Joeordie.com Version 8!!!! Why 8?  well everytime i learn something new I try it here first.  So this set up is running on Docker, and has an NGINX reverse proxy so that I can have as many docker images present as I want.

I'll do an article about it soon.  In the meantime, I'm an ex-Sailor, where I was an expolosive technician and aircraft operations/maintenance manager.  Its complicated but i quit the maurading life so I could spend more time with my wife and dogs.  Recently I was a Production Supervisor at Hanford Del Monte, and while that job was just fine, I wanted to find more.  I also want to move closer to my sister Stefanie in Seattle.

Why should you read this blog?  Well im a Rennisance Geek.  Im not just one type of geek, but a geek of many different things. So here you should find some stuff about Games, Programming, Making, Linux, BSD and even some stuff about Farming and Cooking.

Welcome Aboard!


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